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Atari SLM804 Service Manual [Sep 1987]
Atari SLM605 Service Manual (E0-30038A) [May 1991]
Atari Lynx Specification (aka Handy, Rev P) [Aug 9, 1989]
Atari Megafile 30 & 60 Service Manual (RLL) [undated]
Atari 520ST Schematic [1985]
ROM Cartridge Schematics 130ST/520ST/Mega [Jan 2, 1985]
Atari 1040ST Schematic Rev C C070787 [Dec 26, 1986]
Atari Mega 1 Schematic Rev A C103276
Atari Mega ST2/ST4 Schematic Rev 9 C100166 [Feb 19, 1987]
Atari STe Schematic Rev A C300780-001 [Oct 3, 1989]
Atari Mega STE Schematic Rev 2 [Apr 25, 1990]
Atari TT030 Schematic C301762-001 [Aug 8, 1990]
Atari TT030 Schematic (2 extra pages added) [Aug 8, 1990]
TT030 REV K Board Settings Schematic [May 16, 1991]
Atari STBook Schematic Rev 7.0 C104446-001 [Mar 18, 1992]
TT030 Board Rework Schematic [undated]
Atari Falcon030 Schematic Rev A [6/25/1992]
Atari SH204 Host Adapter Card Schematic (German) [1984]
Atari SH205 Schematic [1987]
Atari Megafile 44 Schematic (German) [Oct 1989]
Atari STacy Schematics (PNM files)
Atari STacy Schematics (smaller PDF file)
Atari SM144 Schematic [undated]
Atari SM146 Schematic [undated]
Astec ASP34-1/2/3/4 PSU [undated]
DVE PSU (Megafile44) [undated]
PSM 2512-1/2 PSU [undated]
PSM 4012-2/2F PSU [undated]
PSM 5341 PSU (MegaSTE/TT030) [undated]
PSM 7204 PSU [undated]
PSM 8012-1 PSU [undated]
Tokin PSU (1040STFM) [undated]
Rescued ASIC designs from old Atari backups found on the HQ CD (various custom chips)
Atari Lynx II Schematics [undated]
Atari SC1435 Schematics [undated]
DC-PORT Schematics (rescued by Double-Click Software) [1989]
Atari HQ #1 CDROM (schematics, source code, software, ST, Jaguar, Lynx, 529.2mb) [ISO/ZIP]
Medusa T40 PC Board Layout/Schematic/Information [Nov 1994]
Hades PC Board Layout [undated]
GE Soft Eagle PC Board Layout [undated]
RomPort PC Board Layout (Hades) [undated]
Milan 68040 PC Board Layout (Revision 1.3) [2-13-2001]
Milan 68060 adapter (Revision 1.0) [3-10-2009]

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