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Atari Falcon030 Developer Documentation [Jan 25, 1993]
Atari Falcon030 Technical Documentation [Oct 1, 1992]
Atari Falcon030 Owner's Manual [1993]
Atari Falcon030 Service Guide (P# C303062-001) [Oct 1, 1992]
Atari Falcon030 Schematic Rev A [6/25/1992]
Atari Falcon030 Developer's Kit (2 disks) [ZIP]
TOS v4.04 source code (incomplete) [ZIP]
Falcon030 JPEG Decoder Source Code (v0.81 1993) [ZIP]
Falcon 030 Production Diagnostic - v1.21 (Oct 14, 1992) [ZIP]
Atari HQ #1 CDROM (schematics, source code, software, ST, Jaguar, Lynx, 529.2mb) [ISO/ZIP]
CT60 Hardware Guide for the Atari Falcon030 [Rev 5.2 - October 2000 - February 2004]
RAM Gizmo (RAM expansion for the Atari Falcon030) [undated]
GE-SoFt Mighty Sonic 32 (RAM expansion for the Atari Falcon030, German) [undated]
Magnum Falcon (RAM expansion for the Atari Falcon030, German) [undated]
rhothron VME-Bus Adater for the Atari Falcon030 (German) [1993]
BlowUP030 (Falcon030 screen enhancer, German) [1995]
Nova Graphics Card for the Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon030 (German) [1992]
eclipse - PCI Adaptor for the Atari Falcon030 [1998, 1999]
FX - Three-In-One The Falcon Xtender for the Atari Falcon030 (German) [1995, 1996]
nemesis - Falcon System Accelerator [1996]
Soundpool - Falcon Audio Interfaces User Manual (SPDIF, ADAT, Analog 8/4, German) [undated]
Screenblaster II Manual [1993]
Driver Collection (Atari ATW, emulator, eprom, FPU (Atari SFP004), GAL, video, memory, mouse, network, scanner, testing, tablet) [ISO]
Screenblaster II & III driver software [ZIP]
Chips 'n Chips (Final Release X) [undated]
Doit Archives [ZIP]

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