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HD Technical Info: SH204/SH205, Megafile 20/30/60, SLM804/SLMC804, HDX/AHDI, FPU (Dutch)
STE TOS Release Notes [Jan 12, 1990]
STE Developer Addendum [May 25, 1989]
Atari 1040STE Service Manual [Sep 9, 1989]
Atari STe Field Service Manual (PN: C302481-001 Rev A) [Aug 1991]
Atari STe Schematic Rev A C300780-001 [Oct 3, 1989]
Atari HQ #1 CDROM (schematics, source code, software, ST, Jaguar, Lynx, 529.2mb) [ISO/ZIP]
Magnum STE (RAM expansion for the Atari STE, German) [undated]
Spektrum Graphics Card (Atari ST(E)/TT030 video card, German) [March 1992]
Spektrum Graphics Card (Atari ST(E)/TT030 video card, English)
Nova Graphics Card for the Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon030 (German) [1992]
Driver Collection (Atari ATW, emulator, eprom, FPU (Atari SFP004), GAL, video, memory, mouse, network, scanner, testing, tablet) [ISO]
Chips 'n Chips (Final Release X) [undated]
Doit Archives [ZIP]

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