Helped along the way (in no particular order):
Rob Mahlert            Donated the domain name/web space
Roger Burrows          Scanned/donated several documents, supplied some files
Rory McMahon           Scanned/donated many documents
Gerhard Stoll          Donated some files
Hans J. Albert         (aka Stratagem) Scanned/donated some schematics
Peter Backes           For having the foresight to keep many old documents he found
Czuba-Tech             Found a couple of interesting documents on this site
Markus Fritze          Found a couple of interesting documents on this site
MisterDID              Found a couple of interesting documents on this site
Atari History Museum   Found several PDFs watermarked with this URL (removed)
Atari Explorer         Found the TOS v4.04 source code on this site
Michael Hill           Donated a massive amount of source code
Chis Bungue            Scanned/donated some documents
Des Watson             Scanned/donated some documents
Wojciech Pasiecznik    (aka Voy/SSG^Dial) Scanned/donated a document
Mark Nias              Scanned/donated a document
unofficial CP/M site   Found some source code on this site
ATARIworld             Found some interesting documents on this site
spiny                  Found some scanned documents on this site
Landon Dyer            Found some source code on his site
Jan Krupka             Donated some files
Ronald J. Hall         (aka DarkLord) Donated a document
Darren Wetherilt       (aka Dal) Donated a document and a driver
Jo Even Skarstein      Converted a document
Christian Zietzt       Rescued several ASIC designs from old Atari backups
42Bastian Schick       Donated some files
Lonny Pursell          Webmaster, scanned quite a few documents, supplied some files
Gerhard Huber          Donated Nova drivers (Provided by Computerinsel GmbH without warranty/support.)
Marijn Hoogstrate      Scanned/donated many documents
ggn                    Donated a document
Roy Doorenspleet       Donated some documents
Artur Gniadek          Donated some hardware manuals
Grahame                (aka firyembers) Scanned/donated many documents
Gilles Bouthenot       Donated some documents
Tony Perry             Donated a documents
Frank Lukas            Donated some files
Ken Springer           Donated some documents/files
Raphael Zweifel        Donated a document
TheNameOfTheGame       Donated some documents
Marcel Schoen          Scanned/donated some documents
Michael Ruge           Scanned some documents
Stefan Matthäus        Donated some documents
Konstantin Themelidis  Donated a document
Steve Horne            Donated several documents
Sylvain Parent         Donated some documents
Vicente Calatayud      Donated a document
Ingo Werstler          Donated some documents
Mark Goossens          Donated a document
Rory McMahon           Donated a document
Steven Blackburn       Donated a document
Fletch                 Donated a file
Matthias Jaap          Donated some files

There are some PDF files on this site that were not created by anyone listed here. They were found via google or by pure chance and then archived. Who or how they came to be is beyond me. Thank you... whoever you are. ;o)

* Last updated: 9/17/2016