The concept behind this site is to preserve official Atari documents. Those pertaining to the Atari ST line of computers. Since Atari (as we know it) is gone there isn't any way to obtain all of these documents. Some of them, but not all, are available on various sites scattered on the internet.

The Atari Compendium is probably a better source for programming information. However it has not been authorized for internet distribution. Does anyone know how to find Scott D. Sanders? These old documents can still be helpful if you have no other source of information.

The quality of some of these documents is questionable and they are presented as is. They may contain errors, typos, appear blurry, and/or any number of other anomalies. Please do not write me and complain. After all they are free. If you happen to have a better quality version, or a more up-to-date version of a document presented here, by all means send it to me. If you happen to have original documents in hardcopy form that are older, please don't throw them out before contacting me.

If you see a typo or find a broken link, please let me know.

Note: This site has been expanded to include 3rd party hardware for the Atari ST. This site also contains 3rd party software manuals (productivity only) and source code archives related to the Atari ST itself. If you seek game manuals, there are other sites specifically for game support.

This site is not affiliated, or in any way connected with Atari, Inc., or any of its subsidiaries.